Ramba was in her element: She did not let go of the phone and showed her bra


Even after two days, actress Tereza Ramba (33) is not ready to give up. “I don’t want to fall into old iron, but I still have something to show,” she said at a press conference for the new Docent ministry. In a transparent shirt, she showed off her bra and her perfect figure, which was not affected even by two births. She painted with a colleague in good mood.

In cinema Ptomnost actor Teresa Ramba she floated in a great mood. During the press conference, she constantly learned something, laughed all round, and then had something to do with a colleague from the new series Joseph Maree (59) and Jan Malinda Elizaveta Maximova (30).

She even confessed in the interview about her role that at the end of the film she found out that he was pregnant, that she was sure from the first moment. Which made the rest of the day more complicated.

Somehow we made it, laughed the actress and director Ji Strach almost had a heart attack.

It was clear from Tereza that she is in her element, that she is happy to be away from the two small children, for whom she is a full-time mother. But like other women with children, she is glad to defend me and her profession, to get among grown-up people, which she has always dreamed of.

Tereza had a great time with her colleague Elizaveta Maximová.

Tereza had a great time with her colleague Elizaveta Maximová.

She was in the center of attention, she was happy to invite photographers, paint, make jokes. We haven’t seen Tereza this relaxed for a long time.


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