Podcast K + K: President for all the money. How much does a trip to the Castle cost and how high will the entrance fee be?


There is a lot of discussion now, whether these elections are really a political contest of ideas and programs, or a competition for the best marketing product. Who supports whom with their “heart” and who does it purely for money and spots. And if the presidential debates have the necessary juice and drama, or are they more reminiscent of the search for a Superstar or an AZ-quiz. We’ve looked into it a bit and we’ll see you at the polls on Friday and Saturday, make a prosecco tornado and write about it online. We enjoy elections, every election, and we would very much like you to enjoy them too, and instead of guessing, you took it as a holiday. Everyone choose who you want. And don’t be ashamed of it. It is your sacred right.


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