Peugeot Inception Concept: Emotions and feelings in the main role of the car of the future


The newly presented Peugeot Inception concept reflects the desire to go of future cars and comes with a whole series of impressive innovations and innovations that give a completely new interpretation to such traditional features as, for example, the steering wheel. Starting this summer, Peugeot will supply all cars with some level of electrification with the aim of producing only certain electric cars in the future.

Peugeot Inception Concept

The concept is built on one of the future platforms for electric cars, it is equipped with a pair of electric motors on each side, one with a total power of 680 hp. The car can accelerate from rest to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. The battery with a capacity of 100 kWh works with a voltage of 800 V and the Inception Concept can travel 800 km on a single charge, which would mean an extremely low consumption of 12.5 kWh/100 km.

The stupid five-meter-long car does not have an especially aerodynamic shape, and the only mention of aerodynamics in the press at first is the wheel cover. And when you look at the photos, don’t take the Inception concept for granted. With such a large battery, not even any light Peugeot promises to be charged to travel 150 km in just 5 minutes, which corresponds to the charging power of 225 kW, and it is interesting that this power is achieved when using induction charging.

If you can see inspiration from historical Peugeot models in the pd shape, we see the 505 model there, the overall concept of the car is modern. A lot of glass is used, for example, the glazed interior takes up 7.25 m2. This glass has its origins in construction and its surface is the same one used by NASA to see astronauts.

The body paint is composed of fine metallic pigments and is single-layer, which saves energy, because it is not applied in several layers. Similar to the car’s glass, the paint also changes depending on how the light hits it, thus distorting the technical drive of the car. We don’t know what to think about the Lit Tech Bar, which runs horizontally along the door, and when you go to the car, it displays information such as when the battery is charged, when it’s on, and when it’s disconnected and similar.

Peugeot Inception Concept

A look at the interior shows that there is also a technical approach. Just look at the seats, the new i-Cockpit concept is in front of the idiom, which Peugeot is so vehement about despite its ergonomic debatability. The steering wheel is not firmly connected to the wheels, it is steered by wire, and instead of the steering wheel, you hold the Hypersquare control in your hands, inspired by the world of video games, where there are displays and controls, and the simplicity of control should be as intuitive as a mobile phone. The interior is made of a variety of recycled materials, including galvanized steel. A special velvet made exclusively of recycled polyester with a metallic sheen is used for the cushion.

Inception in hell means flow, with this concept Peugeot shows the direction it will take in the future. The first cars that will carry the elements shown on the Inception concept will arrive in 2025, and Peugeot says that this will also affect its smallest model.


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