Over 6.5 thousand refugees from Donbass entered the Rostov region in a day :: News


This figure remains almost unchanged compared to previous days. The sharp decline in the number of internally displaced persons is probably connected with the celebration of Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

Rostov-on-Don, May 10. According to updated data from the Border Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Rostov Region, over 6.5 thousand citizens evacuated from the territory of the Donbass republics crossed the border to enter Russia through checkpoints located in the Rostov Region over the past day.

Internally displaced persons are delivered to temporary accommodation centers (TAPs). For each refugee, 10,000 rubles are allocated from the Russian budget, in addition, they are assisted in obtaining emergency medical and psychological assistance if necessary, as well as temporary housing, not only in the Rostov region, but also in other regions of the country, ready accept refugees.

Some talk about the horrors of the war that they had to endure, while others admit that they went nowhere, and in Russia they were accepted as relatives. Since the beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine and Donbass, many have already managed to find housing and find a job, while the children go to schools and kindergartens.

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