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Photo: press service of the Novorossiysk customs

Acting First Deputy Head of the Novorossiysk Customs Ivan Syanov, Deputy Head of Customs Alexei Tepin, Head of the Department of Trade Restrictions and Export Control of Customs Yury Zubko took part in the XVIII Transport Forum “YugTrans-2022”. This was reported today by the press service of the Novorossiysk customs.

The annual YugTrans Transport Forum traditionally gathers experts in various transport sectors, including representatives of government and financial institutions, stevedoring and railway companies, cargo owners and consignees, in the hero city of Novorossiysk.

Within the framework of the discussion session of the Forum, the trends in the logistics market for the international transportation of goods, including those in the south of Russia – the Azov-Black Sea and Caspian basins, were comprehensively considered.

Alexey Tepin made a report “On the application of a set of special economic measures aimed at ensuring the security of the Russian Federation in the field of foreign economic activity.” He spoke about the significant changes in legislation that have taken place this year in connection with the introduction of sanctions against the Russian Federation by a number of foreign states, and about special measures quickly developed and adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at increasing the stability of the Russian economy and supporting business.

– The President, the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as the Eurasian Economic Commission have taken a large number of measures aimed at ensuring the stability of the country’s economy and reducing the financial and administrative burden on business. A significant part of them directly relates to the customs sphere. The work of the customs service in the new realities was promptly reconfigured, while special attention was paid to the implementation of a set of measures for the comprehensive support of foreign economic activity participants, – said Alexey Vladimirovich. – Significant changes have been made to the procedure for monitoring compliance with technical regulation measures when importing goods, the procedure for confirming the origin of goods imported into the customs territory of the EAEU has been simplified. As part of reducing the financial burden on business and increasing the stability of the economies of the EAEU member states, a number of decisions were made: decisions of the EEC Council dated March 17, 2022 No. 34, March 17, 2022 No. 37, April 5, 2022 No. 46, April 15, 2022 No. 76 , decisions of the EEC Board dated 04.12.2022 No. 63, dated 04.19.2022 No. 66, which zeroed customs duties on more than 1,200 imported goods (mainly food, medicines, essential goods, components for production needs). All decisions regarding the simplification and acceleration of customs and other control procedures, reducing the financial burden on business are immediately communicated by the customs authorities to business representatives and interested parties. An operational headquarters has been set up in the FCS of Russia, in which representatives of the business community take part. At the moment, the socio-economic situation in the country is changing quite quickly, so the list of support measures is under constant development and will be supplemented and updated.

Alexey Vladimirovich drew the attention of the Forum participants to the fact that the information service “Personal Account of a Foreign Economic Activity Participant” is available on the official website of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, which is intended for personalized information interaction of a foreign trade participant with customs authorities. Through the “Currency control” section of the service, you can quickly receive official information about the availability in the information resources of the customs authorities of information about foreign trade contracts registered by a participant in foreign economic activity and information from declarations for goods sent to authorized banks.

Customs representatives took part in the round tables held within the framework of the Forum, discussed the imbalance of imports and exports, the suspension of global container lines. The speakers of the meeting paid special attention to the phase of active transformation of logistics, adaptation to new economic conditions, forecasting of logistics processes of international lines.

Alexey Tepin thanked the organizers for many years of cooperation and assured those present that the customs service at all levels is ready for a constructive dialogue with the business community.

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