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Gelani Azirov, head of the pharmaceutical concern “ESCOM”, made a presentation at the industry forum BIOTECHMED, which annually raises topical issues in the pharmaceutical and medical fields of the country. This year the forum was held in Sochi, and top officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Health, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the administration of the Krasnodar Territory, as well as representatives of the pharmaceutical community took part in it.

In the course of a fruitful discussion with Deputy Minister of Health Glagolev S. V. and Deputy Head of the FAS Russia Nizhegorodtsev T. V. on the topic “The practice of applying Government Decree No. 1771”, the head of “ESCOM” spoke on three key issues that relate to current challenges for the domestic pharmaceutical industry and regulators.

First of all, the speaker mentioned the barriers to registration of new medicines. The existing model for calculating prices for vital and essential drugs today no longer takes into account the realities: rising costs, lack of domestic analogues of raw materials and materials. This makes it difficult for new drugs to be brought to market upon registration.

The second challenge is price indexing. The speaker noted that the price of medicines in the price category of 100 rubles and more can be increased by only 4%, taking into account current legislation, the specifics of pharmaceutical production and the labeling of group packaging. In other cases, the increase percentage is calculated individually and does not exceed 4%. At the same time, the actual rate of inflation is much higher. “The imposed sanctions, the volatility of the ruble entail an increase in the cost of up to 200%, which is simply incomparable with the 4% forecast inflation. Therefore, our professional community is raising the question of the need to finalize the current resolution so that we can consistently produce and supply medicines to the Russian market.“, – says Azirov.

Also in the report, emphasis was placed on the risk of defects, as an opportunity to increase prices and a chance for manufacturers to be heard. The head of the concern said:FAS and the Ministry of Health have done a great and very effective job for our market, for which we are grateful to them. RF GD No. 1771, in the event of a defect or the risk of its occurrence for a specific drug, allows re-registration of prices for it. Those. taking into account inflation and changes in the exchange rate when importing pharmaceutical substances and other components, the costs of producing the drug significantly exceed the possible profit. In case of unprofitability of production, the Ministry of Health may offer the manufacturer to re-register the selling price for the drug in order to prevent its disappearance“.

The forum has become an effective platform for building a dialogue between the state and business. “In the current geopolitical situation, our common task is to ensure the further development and sovereignty of the domestic pharmaceutical industry”– said Gelani Azirov.

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