Nerudov was explained by Manela, who had never represented Babie before


Danue Nerudov during the presidential campaign, she tries to be the most transparent candidate. This January, she even published the ten biggest pieces of disinformation on her website, which are circulating on social media about her person.

As one of the misinformation, she stated at first that the man Robert Neruda represented him in the past for ex-prime minister Andrej Babie, who is thus running for the post of president of the Czech Republic this year.

Mj manel never represented Andrej Babie, on the contrary OHS (ad for the protection of the farm where Neruda worked for two years, editor’s note) proposed the written terms and conditions for the private company Agrofert, introduced Nerudov at St website .

Server List of mediums but he soon drew attention to the fact that Nerudov herself had committed the disinformation. The link states, among other things, that during his time at OHS, Robert Neruda assisted the Agrofert holding company in its merger with the Agropol company. At that time, Manel Nerudov was practicing law, specifically at the then Havel, Holsek & Partners law firm.

Neruda stated that he submitted twice to the Agrofert company representative for a woman and a joint permit. From public sources, it can be found that the law firm, outside of work, succumbed to the merger of Agrofert with Loredana Corporation, which specializes in the sale of industrial fertilizers. So Neruda wrote an article describing his work for Agrofert.

Robert Neruda’s name also figured in the merger between Agrofert and Agrofin Svitavy.

After this information was published in the newspaper, Nerudov decided to act. On January 5th, an explanation appeared on his website.

After warning the newspaper that this wording could be misleading, I am editing: My husband has never represented Andrej Babie, but it is worth noting that in the past he submitted to the representation of the company Agrofert twice: I wrote about this in an article on Seznam a few weeks ago. I somehow missed this addition in the infographic, and I apologize for that. Thank you for the warning and we will add the information, stand on the official pages of the presidential candidate.


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