Nerudov lost the debate (and not only) the tragic audience: Boring children were enthralled by Paul’s cauldron


There was literally a cauldron behind Petr Pavlo, made up of his team, supporters and model Eva. They booed and chanted after every impressive speech.

They contributed to the final impression that the general dominated his opponent. And last but not least, they understandably gave him a big boost in self-confidence.

Bn view from the cities of the debate. Paul’s cauldron will be, but Neruda’s will not.

In the same way, the atmosphere of his camp rubbed off on Danui Nerudov. She was giggling, unsure. His husband, the elite first-year man Robert Neruda, did a similar thing, and he asked with his teeth full of teeth about the possibility of death if he became the first man.

Mldei bval of the rector of Mendel University, the atmosphere did not smell of exuberance. On social media, it was common knowledge that the supporters of General Pavel behaved unruly.

General Petr Pavel was very supportive of Danue Nerudov in the audience.

Spectators in the audience should realize that they are not on the football field. It was far more common for the unit, one of the Nerudas’ oxen and gave himself up.

Yes, you had a debate on the units. That’s why it’s universal television. Jene Prima led the show and the fans of Peter Pavl, dressed in flannel jackets and Trumpian red kilts, in short, assessed the situation perfectly and contributed in no small measure to the fact that the general most likely definitively removed Nerudová from the fight for Prague Castle and split it with ex-prime minister Andrej Babi .

The whole cauldron stood behind General Pavel.

Even Nerudov was betrayed. The energy of the young and handsome woman is there, a slightly tired mother arrived at Prima in sad black clothes. On the other hand, she missed the debate in T, when she shifted the responsibility for her own issues to others, and on all important issues, such as drinking euros, she answered in the style of yes, but…. She turned everything around and started apologizing. Gradually, she came under pressure, which was evident from their gestures and from his face. Therefore, General Pavel had nothing to do with the fact that both of them grounded her with a joke.

Petr Pavel, Danue Nerudov

It is also possible to register for courses in the Czech offices. You don’t think of Neruda as one of your favorites at all. She fell out of the chosen three, the trial according to course, the fight for Hrad u is practically only between Pavlo and Babio.

Tko honor, whether to shake it into the game on the day of the super debate on Nov.


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