Nerudov dressed without a contrived smv. But the Selkoid vase didn’t give up!


When does the pre-election debate start on Nov Andrej Babi he planted a flower, more than one wild man fell on his cross. Compared to CNN Prima News psobila Danue Nerudov I feel a bit withdrawn and shy. Not a trace of the contrived laughter she had shared the day before.

At that moment, the prime minister, who was as tame and sunny as a lamb, was rather surprised and happy. Jet tried to joke about the darkness of his recent hatred of France, when he drew the likes of Macron and President Emmanuel Macron.

Like Babi and Nerudov, she had a rough match with the ace, so in the final the Noveck debate was mainly about the two of them. The university professor, who at first made a rather warm impression, gradually took the wind in her sails, and so she was presented on the New Values ​​list by political scientists and commentators very positively and as the most successful of them all.

In half of the exchange time, even dreams that were not broadcast on CNN Prima News were moving. In fact, it was difficult, because there were a lot of machines. This time, they asked for a late reminder, as if everything had fallen out of the presidential candidate and she was considering the fact that the worst was behind her.

Danue Nerudov with manel

On the other hand, it didn’t fall off and he obviously doesn’t want to keep it, he was fond of unfurling a piece of his tie. Neruda brought out her arm again, which was certainly comfortable. The ladies from Leeda’s men’s salon have already made a matron, and a full one. Her favorite designs can do it much better. There is no need to wrap yourself in baggy bags in which the hunter gets lost.

But first, ask the wearer for it! They should not draw attention to themselves and especially not offend, and they should be self-confident and self-possessed. To betray the protective tendencies and the willingness to be there for everyone, to open one’s heart to people, at least symbolically, with an embracing spirit.

Danue Neruda, Robert Neruda

Nerudov set out on the path of people and comfort, and chased away conventions. Tight and constricting clothing always pointed to moral integrity and firmness, while loose clothing in the past meant insubordination and laxity of rules.

Once upon a time, the rector decided to break the conventions and established horseshoes and, on the contrary, bet on looseness and openness, and an elegant dress would certainly suit her. Regardless, even today would be more appropriate. Blue pants with rolled up sleeves gave a more leisurely impression. On the other hand, I love free time and comfortable clothes, so the choice was clear!

Hand in hand with this, Nerudov also makes sure that she does not lose her style. When Petr Pavel has a flannel shirt, she has my favorite oversize legs…


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