Natlka from the Wedding: Did he screw up the operation? Hd with the fans because of my lips and a frown under my nose!


In the first season of the reality show Wedding at First Sight, she was the most controversial part of the show, earning herself the nickname of the ice queen. Natlka Mykytenko’s emotions, however, will be overwhelming. The sexy blonde originally from Ukraine lay under the hood again, after breast plastic surgery, she had her lips reddened. And according to the fans, she pestered her.

Natlka got new breasts not long after the first episode of the reality show was broadcast. People didn’t let her get away with it and started criticizing her new cleavage with the fact that her breasts were not born from each other.

A bride who didn’t find true love before the wedding, but she clearly didn’t mind the criticism. Plastic surgery continues for a long time, before she had her lips changed.

It’s like djà vu. I have almost 80,000 followers on Instagram. You would be looking for a positive comment, Natla’s lips, on the other hand, are criticized even by other plastic lovers.


My lips are lightened, I am myself, but this is a bit too much, isn’t it? asks one of the fans, while others choose other words and use asterisks on social media, saying that she was stoned.

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That’s it, my girls, everything I use on my face ♀️

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He made it seem like Natalia’s upper lip was scratching yours so that it looked like she had a mustache under her nose. And she didn’t just leave it unanswered on television. She began to defend her new mouth the way she defended her breasts before.

I’ve been to the hospital twice with a long distance and I can’t see Mr. anywhere. I like it this way, we’ll see what happens next month. cut off the discussion.


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