Nah Eva is endangering our children, Ren was angry. She gave a good answer back


It seemed that in the end the divorce would be dignified and they would not be angry at each other, but it is surprising that the one who should stand up for himself will be Ren Decastellowhich after tinct years from Eva he left for another woman.

He got into n on Instagram for a photo from a vacation in Omno, which the presenter takes alongside her new partner Tom Tetek. In the picture, the photographer caught her in the skin, but nothing was visible. Actually, with Eva’s standard like this, we all know that she likes to show me the main thing.

Renho was so offended by it that he posted on social media.

So thank you! Adolescent children and their companions will appreciate mother’s half-naked photo, and especially those free of comments by an admirer out of grace, who in turn called, written by screenwriter Slunen i Zoo.

We couldn’t do it and we called Renmu to ask, that’s why he actually did it. But it was clear from his voice that he didn’t find anything strange about what he wrote.


We’re fine, nothing happened, it’s our private vc, shared the Express.

Mon realizes that he messed around. Eva was the one who played the whole affair with Manela’s lover, she didn’t look down on him, she spoke nicely about him. Even according to the fans, he had a thought on his head when he left the children and followed the voice of his heart, to his mother Ev.

Renho was asked by a fan on his profile.

Children in puberty and you are here taking pictures with a foreign woman, one of the ladies under the pseudonym Veveruska207 pointed out his note on Instagram.

That went unanswered. Ren does not even want to talk about whether he and Eva Decastelo are divorced. For a second, he mumbled, wondering what to say about it, but then the creator of the series answered him with his favorite phrase: It’s our business.

But the strange thing is that, for him, the naked photos of his ex-partner started to bother him, and you? When he dreamed il tinct years, Eva photographed the front page of Playboy, she often posts photos on social media in swimsuits and underwear. She even started an invitation for her friends to take a photo in a bra like herself every day.

Or are you looking for a woman for me?


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