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September 22 at 11:00 live on the TV channel “Doctor” and in the official group of the TV channel “VKontakte” a new episode of the weekly project “TELEDOCTOR” on the topic: “Oncology. Modern Solutions┬╗

On the air, hosts Elena Voitsekhovskaya and Pavel Brand, together with experts, will help you learn about the most modern approaches to the treatment of thyroid cancer, talk about an organ-preserving technique that has already shown its effectiveness in oncology of the tongue, and discuss studies that can detect and remove stomach cancer at the first stage , as well as answer questions about the most common female oncology in the world – breast cancer.

The guests of the live broadcast will be:

  • Nadezhda Rozhkova, Head of the National Center for Oncology of the Reproductive Organs, P.A. Herzen, MD
  • Sergey Pirogov, Head of the Department of Endoscopy, P.A. Herzen, MD
  • Vyacheslav Polkin, Head of the Department of Radiation and Surgical Treatment of Head and Neck Diseases, MRRC named after A.F. Tsyba, Ph.D.

Live on the TELEDOCTOR program, experts will answer the following questions: what breast changes should alert a woman? What method will help to detect stomach cancer at an early stage? Removal of stomach cancer during gastroscopy – at what stages is it possible? Can thyroid cancer surgery be performed without incisions? They will name modern methods of diagnosing oncology, talk about radiation therapy and much more.

It will be possible to ask your question and receive a live answer on the topic on September 22 at 11:00, writing it under the broadcast in the official group of the TV channel on VKontakte, by going to link or by scanning the QR code on the TV screen during the broadcast of the TELEDOCTOR program.

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