MenT invited Peter Pavel to his video. They played Call of Duty, ate meatloaf in a donut


MenT, whose real name is Jan Mack, is a YouTuber and influencer. His work includes a variety of challenges, edge-of-the-seat games, vlogs, and more. The one, for whom he was a little unhinged, also honed his skills in politics. In the video, he invited the candidate for the post of president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavle.

At the time, MenT said that his channel was never about politics and that it was not about paid promotion. Vote with your heart and above all have fun ekl on the water MenT. Together with Petr Pavlo, they first talked about everything: what is his favorite car, when was the last time he got a fine, what is his favorite mom and the like.

However, that was not the only reason for inviting Peter Pavel. The men were playing with the idea that they were going to play the indoor game Call of Duty together. It is a game that is played from a first-person perspective. Mento drank code, that someone who is a general has never played a game. From the start, General Pavel had a little trouble understanding how the whole game worked, but after a while he got the hang of it and started to fill the requested rounds. However, Pavel had great foresight in choosing the right weapon to complete the mission. He knew every weapon the game had to offer.

In another video, MenT presented General Pavel with a stolen block from the artillery. It was a humorous complaint towards the general, who confessed in one video that as a child he stole a block he liked from the gunnery.

Probably the most discussed part of the video is the one in which food appears. A particular donut with marmalade that was opened and a meatloaf sandwiched between the rings. Pavel vak was not at all surprised. Once, my aunt and I forgot to buy groceries at the cottage, so we took out some and put salami on it, so don’t be surprised by these experiments with food, he responded.

At the end of the video, MenT pulled out a bann and asked the general in what style he would rob him. I think that for a lot of voters, who are looking at it for the first time, it will be quite a difficult and decisive question, commented the whole vc with MenT humor.


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