Marie Růžičková after breast surgery: I’m out, but the first time it hurt more! Husband is happy


Marie Růžičková she also arrived with her husband Vladimír Růžičkoat the Medicom clinic in Prague on Thursday after seven o’clock in the morning. While the hockey coach gave a very tired impression, Maria could be seen to be full of energy. Most likely, she couldn’t wait for the long-planned replacement of implants to finally be over.

A few hours after the operation, Marie spoke through her Instagram profile and let her fans and friends know that the operation went well.

“Thank you to the whole team, especially Dr. Horyn,” wrote Marie on the social network, who then talked more about the procedure in an interview with the editor of Expres.

“I’m still a little out, it hurts a little, but the first breast hurt more. But the operation was a success, Dr. Horyna is really skilled,” said Růžičková, who is now waiting for days full of rest.

“I’m going home in a little while, I’ll just lie down for 7 days and then I have to get a dressing,” Marie described.

Marie Růžičková has had an operation.

They will only be a little bigger, my husband is happy to have it over with

Earlier, Růžičková confided in us that her breasts will change shape and slightly even size thanks to the operation. It is said that it will not be a dramatic change.

“I was 420 milliliters and now I will be 685. I don’t think it would be a significant difference. Just a little,” Marie Růžičková told Expres, whom we also asked what her husband Vladimír had to say about the operation.

“My husband knew that I had them (implants) for a long time and I had to have them replaced. He’s glad I’m over it,’ added a satisfied Marie Růžičková, who explained to us at the end why she chose Prague’s Medicom clinic for the procedure.

“I’ve had a good experience with them, the staff are great and my friend works there too,” said the hockey legend’s wife.


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