Laysan Utyasheva will become the host of the new TV-3 show “Heirs and Impostors” :: News

Photo: TV channel TV-3

Laysan Utyasheva will become the host of the TV-3 channel’s new game show “Heirs and Impostors” – one of the brightest premieres of the upcoming season, which will replace the channel’s long-term hit, the legendary show “The Last Hero”, on the air. This became known during a closed presentation for channel partners.

The show “Heirs and Impostors” will combine several world-famous formats at once and take viewers to the space of the castle, where several dozen contenders for victory will gather.

Laysan Utyasheva: “Like any woman, I love mysticism and believe in it. And I also believe that the show “Heirs and Impostors” will show that interesting, world-class masterpiece projects can come out in Russia. I personally don’t doubt it. And these are not just big words. We are already preparing the project together with the team, and I promise you that it will be very beautiful and mysterious.”

Laysan Utyasheva is the permanent host of the show “Dancing” and “New Dances” on TNT. In addition, Utyasheva successfully launches her own dance projects. In particular, this year the production of Carmen PS, where Utyasheva rethinks and fantasizes on the theme of the cult work of Prosper Mérimée, was an absolute audience success.

Earlier, TV-3 announced a new project with Elena Blinovskaya “House of Fulfillment of Desires” and right now it is conducting an open casting of participants in it. The new season on TV-3 also promises some exotic premieres from Asia, as the channel is currently actively expanding its lineup with series from South Korea and India. Now on the air during the day on weekdays, you can see the Indian romantic series “Women’s Lot”, and on the Friday evening air – the drama “Parallel Worlds”.

The TV-3 channel is included in the second digital federal multiplex and in the top 10 in terms of viewership in its target audience aged 14-44, as well as in the top 5 among the young female audience 14-30. 66% of the channel’s audience are women aged 14-44. The mission of TV-3 is to help the viewer go beyond the boundaries of everyday life and change their lives for the better.

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