Kuchaov’s first Christmas after his divorce from Brzobohat: Spend the holidays with a gay celebrity caddy


While Ondej Brzobohat is going on his first date with his new girlfriend Daniela Psaovicová at night, his ex-wife Tana Kuchaov will be alone for the day. So not completely alone. Of course, she will be surrounded by her family, and according to the Expres source, she also agreed to spend the holidays with the muscular guy Tom Arsov, who has been around Tni for a while.

It was epic, thank you for a wonderful celebration, she wrote on Instagram Tana Kuchaov, who showed off photos from her birthday party on social media. The model was enjoying herself at the event. She hadn’t looked this happy in a long time.


Even when the party was full of cute boys, none of them stole Tna’s heart. He is still without a dog, informed us the hunter who mk Miss World 2006 very close.

The model, who will spend her first Christmas this year after her harsh divorce from Ondej Brzobohat, cuddled up to female muscle man Tom Arsov at the event.

Tana Kuchaov put the dishes on her plate to the fullest.

With a smiley face, She appears at del dobu. Together they launched several interesting projects and people often wonder how beautiful they would be if they got together one day.

Tom Arsov with Tana Kuchaová

Here, however, the relationship doesn’t work out. It’s no secret that I know a hairdresser who regularly visits celebrities in her salon, prefers female company.

According to the Express, Tom made a gentleman’s agreement with Toa for a different celebration, and he will wear a parka during the night.

Tom and Ta are very smart. They are both the same, so they agreed that they would spend a hundred years together. Have an agreed program for the weekend, informed the source of the editorial office, who did not wish to be named.

Tom Arsov with Tana Kuchaová


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