Krampol spoke from the hospital: I was afraid he had burned out his lungs. Let him home for Christmas?


Hospital Ji Krampol (84) spoke for Expres from the hospital. Everyone was frightened by the fact that he died in the hospital again and his diagnosis was very uncertain. What actually happened to him? And will he be able to spend Christmas at home?

Hello actor South Krampol he is very fickle. He was soon released from the hospital, only to die there again. Because of his old age, I can’t be surprised, even if they are worried about his health.

He spoke sympathetically to Expres about how he actually got into the game and how his health is.

It’s not true that an ambulance would take me away. I went to the hospital because I was sick and I was afraid of what was wrong with me. revealed the actor with a husky voice, which indicated that he was not old enough.

he was breathing hard, but he still tries to take his situation with perspective and humor as his own.


I was afraid that mm had a burnt lung or covid. I didn’t have it and had problems with my teeth all my life, so I was happy to go to the Na Frantiku Hospital, where they kept me. Nats tests showed that I have neither, added Krampol.

He is doing a little better, even though I see more optimism about his condition.

You can let me go for Christmas, but I can’t be sure. Just see you he finally said.

Fingers are crossed for the actor that he will be relieved again and can spend the holidays peacefully with his loved ones.


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