Klusov was surprised before the elections: Why didn’t I vote for Nerudov? Chaos, li and cause of the day!


Fingers crossed I’m sick she wrote on her Instagram profile Tamara Klusovwho decided to inform her fans about who she will vote for in the presidential elections this year.

Up until now, it was clear that Andrej Babi would most likely not be his favorite. From what Klusov stated, it is particularly important that the model of our song was deciding between these names in the final: diplomat Pavel Fischer, economist Dana Nerudová and general Petr Pavel.

According to Klusov, the first alternative candidate would be the best possible president, but he messed things up a lot for the actress and writer with the recent issue of same-sex marriage.

Unfortunately, I am strongly influenced by his perception of the LGBT community, which I am unable to reconcile. And especially in the context of the adoption of children by homosexuals… Love is for everyone, not just for someone. And that’s why if Mr. Fischer was to be thrown into the ballot box, he wouldn’t be remembered for his work, Klusov wrote on social media.

Neruda’s voice cannot be given to him because of the chaos, lies and crimes

Many expected that the main favorite for Tamara Klusová would be Danue Nerudov. Manelka Tom Klus makes no secret of the fact that she was very happy that a woman joined the fight for the Castle.

Mr. Nerudov is a very intelligent, charming, self-confident, kind-hearted woman with great insight. I bow down. But after all the debates and cases that have taken her through the last few days, I am missing one essential thing: courage. The diary case and the lie to the last second with the stone TV really threw me off. My decision, I cannot cast my vote for Mr. Neruda, naturally increases the opacity and chaos surrounding his career as rector of the Mendel University, explained her decision to Klusov, who finally gave his vote to Petar Pavlov.

Lady Gucci and St

Many Tamainch fans were certainly surprised that Klusov suddenly did not mind his communist past with Peter Pavle.

According to Lustrano’s testimony from 1992, he never cooperated with the StB, unlike another presidential candidate who still denies his cooperation even when it is confirmed. He regrets his decision and publicly apologizes for it, Mrs. Tamara Klusov.

Even General Pavel is not a choice for which I would put my hand in the fire, but with the slightest feeling of betrayal of my values ​​and intuition I cast my vote for him in this first choice. And I will see and hope that he becomes the president of the country and responsible and we can take this role, added zpvk’s mistress.

Klusov then heard from some followers that the recent cases of Danua Nerudov are not a so-called problem, such as Pavlo’s communist past. With Mr. Nerudov, it’s a passion, explains Tamara Klusov.


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