Jiří Mádl was supposed to become a father: But the actor is still silent and the question marks are increasing!


Not only Vojta Kotek, but also his partner from Snowboarders Jiří Mádl he’s supposed to be a father! According to, his girlfriend was supposed to give birth to his first child in the maternity hospital in Podolí, Prague, two weeks ago. The couple managed to keep the happy news a secret, similar to the blessed state of the actor’s partner.

But the happy mother is said not to be Andrijana Trpković, with whom the actor has been associated in recent years and who was also present at the launch of Mádl’s book “The attraction of the planet Krypton” last May.

At that time, the actor also appeared on the Jan Krause Show, where his love was also discussed. When the presenter asked about his girlfriend, who comes from Serbia, Mádl smiled contentedly and did not answer much. He only talked more when he was talking about the book.

“She was the first to read it. However, I also mentioned her in the introduction,” the proud author revealed.

If it is true that he became a father at the end of the year, the baby must have been “made” by that time. And if Andrijana wasn’t waiting, it must have been another woman. In such a case, it is strange that Mádl speaks lovingly of her partner, and she herself does.

Jiří Mádl with Andrijana Trpković last December...

Before the rumors about the baby appeared, Andrijana had an introductory photo on her Facebook profile with Jiří Mádl, which was taken last year in Portugal. She posted it on December 8, 2022, i.e. at a time when the alleged mother should already have it “for a couple”. In addition, until last night, her comments on the actor’s statuses and joint photos, which were rich in hearts and loving confessions, could be seen.

But now his account has been canceled and the comments from Jirka Mádl’s profile have also disappeared.

Would it be done at a time when the actor was expecting a family with another woman? There are many questions, but no answers. We reached out to both of them, but neither of them has responded yet.

At this point, a number of explanations are offered. From the “simple” journalistic duck, which could be the next subject for Mádl’s new book or film, to the more daring versions.

In one of them, a surrogate mother could give birth to a baby for a couple in love. In that case, it wouldn’t be surprising if the actor would be even more silent than usual when it comes to his private life. True, it sounds a bit like science fiction from the planet Krypton, but on the other hand, it’s quite common in Hollywood, for example…

Maybe it’s too early for congratulations! Or not either.


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