In Krasnodar, film critic Alexei Dvoeglazov will discuss the film “Passengers of the Night” with the audience :: News

Nostalgic picture of Paris in the 80s! On October 5, the MONITOR Cinema on Red Square in Krasnodar will host a special screening of the French drama Passengers of the Night starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Emmanuelle Béart. The audience is waiting for a discussion of the film with a film critic.

The tape was a participant in the Berlin Film Festival 2022.

Age limit: 16+

Elizabeth recently separated from her husband and must take care of two teenage children alone. She takes a job on a late-night radio show that supports people going through difficult times. There, Elizabeth meets a young and lonely girl, Talulah, and decides to take her under her wing.

Interesting facts about the film:

  • One of the main characters in the film is inspired by the iconic French actress of this period, Pascal Ogier. She was a style icon of the 80s, the lover of director Jim Jarmusch and the performer of iconic roles in the films of Eric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette. She is best known for her role as Louise in Rohmer’s Full Moon Nights, for which Ogier won the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival. Ogier chose the costumes herself and designed the heroine’s hairstyle with hair whipped up, which became fashionable after the film’s release. The actress became a style icon for the youth of the 80s – the so-called “new” generation.
  • “In the most tender “Passengers of the Night” by the Frenchman Mikael Hers, a plot is played out in the spirit of the saga “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”. Very good people just live in Paris during the eighties – working, falling in love, not losing heart and remaining a family, ”RBC writes.

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