I miss you, my eyes. Didn’t the finals mean the unfulfilled ambitions of one of the judges?


The girls were pretty, darling, even when they actually didn’t get to speak in the PM. They looked pretty in lockets, like those doll-like clothes that are new esk Miss ok Even their walk on the catwalk was not stiff, and they tried not to fall into the audience on their high heels.

The whole show was carried on in a pleasant spirit, when no one healed our horse from the awkward moments of free disciples even in the world’s most beautiful women’s dresses, which cannot even be evaluated by the promenade in swimsuits.

Pesto created such a hot point in the form of hair, because the dress reminded me of the world’s worst modeling show Elite Model Look?

The answer is quite simple. One of the judges and organizer of Miss is toti Roman Holrek, the owner of the Pure agency, who spent his time trying to get involved with a modeling session in the style of the first Elite, but it didn’t work out.

Roman Holrek owns a modeling agency.

would he like to fulfill his ambitions at least with the Czech Miss, who did not resemble the original popular Czech contest much? Although it may have been embarrassing for some, only the audience appreciated the original old Miss when the girls introduced themselves and were interviewed on stage to show off something of themselves.

Which was obviously not the goal of the new, innovative mission evening.

Just like in Elite, even there the models just broke down on the catwalk and the result was known, which is actually required by this well-known set of rules. Don’t expect the future top models of the world to talk, but to show how they are on the catwalk.

Finlov veer Elite was held like every year in the Panglas sle Praskho hrad.

Finlov’s evening was held as every year in the Panhellenic village of Prague Castle.

I’m pretty much in agreement with Miss on this one. The Queen of the Cross should be the one who buys various charities, helps people, seeks world peace, it would be known as a kli, she should not go looking for signs of the world, but she should be her own local Cross, the dream is to be born somewhere from a village girl.

And even the city of Konn Bohuel could not compete with the suit given by Sao Jnym. Elite Model Look is held every year at the end of August at the Prague Castle in the Panhellenic village for a lot of celebrities, not in a huge hall suitable for concerts, where you don’t fill all the seats, so it looks like a wild girl was drinking at the finale, so pt and pl. And don’t talk about VIP guests. What is Leo Bernek the old man doing with a young model and a strange naked duo from Like Haf on such a festive evening?

Miss Essens was won by Tom Mchek. According to some, he was the best, according to others, he was not such a hit pard.

Alex Vortex

Alas, with these ambitions to match him, whom I cannot match in our end, I condemned myself that evening. Drinking by itself wouldn’t be a bad pastime, but we had a nice concert here in the city of Miss with these male peeps.


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