I have a cell phone under the counter, and when it’s not on, I tweet: Was Nerudov bored during the debate?


Go for pre-election debates and Danue Nerudov could go straight to the Castle! Even though political scientists and commentators agreed that the televised fight on the Nov bval rector was the most outstanding of all the performances, there is nothing to catch up on. You should pay attention mainly to non-Japanese birds. His PR tm took care of one such in the course of the discussion with the opposing candidates Andrej Babie and Petr Pavle.

I have a phone under the counter and when it’s not on, I tweet she answered Danue Nerudov on his Twitter during the pre-election super debate on November, when one of the voters asked him if he had a mobile phone in his hand at the moment.

What? Nerudov on New Year’s Eve under the table? asked the user, who is in the village of Prak, in amazement.

One comment after another was posted on his profile, and people could get the impression that he was bored and frolicking with a phone in his hand. After the fiery discussion started, people outside started to get angry, that this couldn’t be true, that it should be blamed on the verticality on the mobile phone and social networks, she quickly apologized. That is, the effort to cover the whole vc in the out and turn it into ert.

And you vn! Hello Honza from the DN team, let’s talk about professors! Hope you have fun watching TV, it sounded on his profile for an explanation.

Danue Nerudov had a cell phone during the debate and was tweeting under the table?

Hon, you’ve been sending it with darkness for the last six days, Marian Benat, who was not taking napkins at that moment, told him.

Honza from the Nerudov PR team was quick to point out that this ert was not one of the most successful, and that he probably won’t get praise from the professor, or at all a plaque or a plaque with his likeness. The information that agile assistants spoke for him at that moment quickly fell into the lap of virtual history.

It took quite a long time for people, they couldn’t pay the presidential candidate for the fact that she should focus on only one thing at that moment and do it.


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