I don’t have rd at night, I spent years with them. It will change this year, Ji Dvok told Expresu


We are at the corner of the book Kandidt, which is about the presidential election and its experience Jiho Dvoka they couldn’t help but ask if he had someone close to his heart, that is, what about the presidential candidates in Estonia.

Of course, yes, I try to follow it, even if I don’t go so intensively, because the main campaign is yet to come. So we’ll see. But how is it at vbr, said the popular actor to Expres, whom we asked about the holiday.

I don’t have rd at night. I changed that several times in interviews. I’ve worn them a few times myself and had no problem with them, but I won’t this time, he let himself be heard.

So we asked if he will continue them this year with his partner, Slovak actress and presenter Martina Zbranská.

That’s still to be agreed, added Dvok, who then took the icon elsewhere. It is known about him that he rarely talks in private and he doesn’t really like it, so of course we accommodated him.

Jiho Dvok was fooled by the spectators as Erta Urie.

In connection with Christmas, we were also interested in what about his famous role in the dream of Angel Pn. Pat hellish Uri among his fools?

It’s my favorite role, don’t ask me for anything else. How about the popularity km, even if I got the Oscars, I’ll be the ert, Dvok smiled.

On the other hand, clap for it. When was a (daughter Anna Dvokov, editor’s note) when she was a child, she looked at one, and now when she is twenty, she likes to look at two, just like a lot of my friends and their children. Always come back to it added the silly actor.

Find out more in the video interview of Expres!


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