How not to snack on Christmas Eve and lose weight: The food can be eaten in such a way that the chuav buky won’t recognize it!


For many, the night is the equivalent of an unchanging life. Can I have a drink during the holiday?

It’s not so much a day of the year, it’s a whole lifestyle. After one carp or a pinch of salt, you certainly won’t get fat, and that external well-being and mood are therefore more important. On the contrary, such a habit is common, when we wait every day from the beginning of the night until the end of the year. So the universal advice is: Don’t deny yourself, but don’t go too far. This applies to alcohol as well.

Alcohol is the scourge of humanity, but at the holidays, many people like to drink alcohol… how can you not drink from it?

When you have to have alcohol on the table, think about how you pour it. Dry wine is definitely a suitable option, not caloric drinks. Drink it down with water, don’t forget to hydrate. It is better to skip the pancakes, they may be low in calories, but you can drink them easily because you kick them in quickly. Don’t forget that alcohol increases the taste for salt, fat and reduces appetite.

Dobe, we won’t ask how to arrange the food on the table?

If you know you’re going to find it, you can cover the potato salad with yogurt and put the carp in the oven instead. Lemonades are not suitable even in a diet version, but you can create your own version, where you add ice, fruit, citrus fruit juice, and apple juice or mint sprigs to the lemonade.

What about New Year’s Eve? ebrka, vepov knei, breads… that sounds like a recipe for going to the pub.

Therefore, first of all, prepare your meals with healthy options. Create a board with covered vegetables and proteins in the form of high-quality unka and cheese. You can also add fruit and some nuts. But you choose spe unsalted and unwashed. And breads? If you know you won’t look good, look for chickpea spread and wrap it with vegetables and more slices of unka, if you have one or two, don’t eat it at all.

Nutrin therapist Anna abov.

There are bound to be some who disobey you, but make a resolution to correct that in the fifth year. How to get out?

Presevzept are hard, because our keys are quite nice. Commit to small steps such as gradually introducing more water, fruit, vegetables and exercise. If you struggle with unbridled appetites, it is a sign that your diet is not well prepared. Contact an expert and start adding protein to your diet, you can find it in kefir, plain yogurts, about 30% fat, in eggs and good quality bread.

In January, even the most diverse diets based on celebrities and detoxes will start on us. Can I follow these trends?

Urit doesn’t. Each hunter is individual and the daily allowance is not the same. Apparently promising celebrity diets are mainly based on a strong caloric deficit, or yes, a person will lose weight quickly, but not in such a way that it is sustainable in the long term. These attempts can often result in health consequences.


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