How Hanychov hunts Barrandov: 3 reasons, it’s not fun for Holiky Agta Jaromr Soukup


Watch the show Agty Hanychov Praise the boys. Poad gradually replaced Agta Jarom Soukup’s original show concept and became a staple on Barrandov TV. The model brought a new concept of a feminine and graceful order, which you slowly followed, Lela Ceterov with her Lela show about influencers.

The boys are in a hurry and many viewers praise the chemistry between Agta and her guests. While she was drinking, Jaromr Soukup’s ev Agt Hanychov didn’t show so much and was already fighting a decent back. It’s just not the only reason it works for the show.

It’s short for girls

The show has a clearly defined audience, which Agta has perfectly mapped out. They are mostly women, you have some children. In the show, the typical female topics with famous faces are discussed.

Ninety percent of my followers are women my age who have kids like me, said Agta by the way in an interview for, when she talked about her profile on Instagram, she confirmed to me that the song is in whom she primarily enjoyed.

Agta Hanychov entertained the girls with her show Holika.

You did it yourself

The guest are also well chosen. Perhaps Agta is so well-known, so the conversation between them flows nicely and freely. Hanychov still has time to figure out what will work on the screens, and she did the entire show practically completely by herself (including the scenes).

I had the feeling that TV Barrand’s mistakes were about men and for women. The dramaturgy and the content are entirely up to you, in that I have a full free hand, as well as in how we interpret a particular work. Be in us, or let’s just get up she was a model.

Agta Hanychov

In what works

Taking on a dominant role as a moderator is the model’s own, on the screen she acts relaxed and smoothly follows the concept that she can launch on Instagram, where she invites guests to live streams in a similar spirit. On TV, she just copied a model who has been working on social networks for a long time and knows how to do it.


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