Horror in Prague 4: A man (†34) stabbed two women on the street, the police shot him


On Saturday evening, a thirty-four-year-old man stabbed two women in Novodvorská street in Prague 4. One of them is in a serious condition, the doctors put her into artificial sleep. The policemen shot the assailant during the arrest, the man succumbed to his injuries.

“A man attacked two women with a knife in Novodvorská Street in Prague 4 in the early evening on Saturday. The police tracked down the assailant, but he then disobeyed their calls, refused to cooperate and tried to attack the police.” said for the server Prague police spokesman Richard Hrdina.

According to the spokesman, the police fired at the attacker. A thirty-four-year-old man then succumbed to his injuries. Attempts at resuscitation did not help.

The women who were attacked by the aggressor near the shopping center were taken to the hospital. One of them is in a very serious condition. “The doctors put her into an artificial sleep and put her on the machines,” Jana Poštová, spokeswoman for the Prague rescue service, said.

The second attacked woman is conscious and suffered moderate injuries. Detectives are investigating the motive for the attack.


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