He still only cares about money! It’s a nuisance, say fans of Jitka Sedláčková


“We love Poland, famous trout, 2x fries, 2x beer, 2x salad, 2x tea, all about 400 crowns, just for info. As King Ubu says, if it wasn’t for Poland, there wouldn’t be…,” she informed some time ago Jitka Sedláčková from one of the trips with his beloved Pavle Töpfer.

“Once again in Poland, we’re having a great time again, we’re in Karpacz, we took a full tank, lunch for two cost five kilos and a dozen. But experiences are important, somehow I decided to be happy and my boyfriend is the best teacher of happiness.” said the thrifty actress after another trip to her northern neighbors.

“Hooray Dresden. Inflation is not inflation, people want to be cool, have a welder and carols and simply be together,” evaluated Sedláčková after visiting Germany.

“It’s a wonder that every trip, every trip, turns to money or something that at least smells of it,” commented one of the fans of this actress and others started to join.

He was certainly not the only one who noticed that the actress deals with money perhaps too often. This is in direct contrast to the fact that, in her own words, she chose to be happy and flaunts it all the time.

Jitka Sedláčková and her friend Pavel Töpfer often go to Poland for cheap food.

“We don’t just go to pubs. My boy works in a Hugo Boss shirt, he still has pins in his collar and a cashmere sweater, but he has sweatpants from a year or two ago and ankle boots on his feet. But I pushed him, yes again, he’s done,” she informed for a change after mowing the grass in the garden.

Yes, money, or brands, play a major role in this story as well. And yes, it’s annoying. Unfortunately, there is no doubt about that in the case of an otherwise quite likeable actress…


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