First, Vnoce Tomicov without Manela, then with colleagues from Slunen. Kocinov was spoiled


Pavla Tomicov (60) spent the previous day’s hustle and bustle at the party with her friends and colleagues from the Slunen series. For understandable reasons, Kristna Kocinov (37) was missing among them, who had divorced Pavle from her husband Ondej Malho (56), and had a child with him immediately. Denisa Nesvailov (31), who in turn contributed to the breakup of the relationship between Petr Kolek (38) and Aneta Vignerov (34), was not happy with Sednka.

Pavel Tomicov she was celebrating well-being with her colleagues from the Slunen series, she won’t be sitting at the dinner table with her husband Ondej Malm this year. Houses made of seril were planted in the company Apelace 21 in Prague’s Vinohrady, where they had a bath and some good food. Regina Andov, Martina Preissov, Dana Batulkov and Eva Decastelo arrived at the luxury party.

The girls from Slunen are together again. We had a beautiful Christmas and we will see each other soon in the fifth year, then introduced Regina andov on stch.

It is certainly not a surprise that one of the other actresses who appeared in the popular TV series Slunen, Kristna Kocinov, was absent from the meeting. And among the invitees was not even the naughty girl, Denisa Nesvailov, who in turn helped to break up the relationship between Petr Kolek and Aneta Vignerov.

This year, Pavla Tomicov spent the first Christmas without ex-husband Ondej Malho, who first ran away with her for actress colleague and former friend Kristna Kocinová, and immediately shared a baby.

Pavla Tomicov went shopping in Chodov.

The photographers of Expresa recently caught Pavla in the shopping center on the Chodov square, shopping for clothes and maybe something nice for herself, she walked through boutiques with women’s clothing.

Pavla lost a lot of weight after the breakup. While most people consider it the best revenge on the ex-man, he warned that the actress will still look a bit torn.

At the premiere of the film And then she drank love… but the Tomics didn’t have dreams, on the contrary. Don’t forget to hope that the fifth year will be successful.


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