Ferjenk shaved the breasts of a Korean woman: Adla natr puss in Sent! Lska: But you are a hero


And so he decided to close the whole thing, alas, according to many, he was rather cowardly. the woman who accused him of shame, publicly beat him and tried to ask him to immediately delete the tweet about Korean women’s breasts, began to publicly flatter him.

He even pulled out a much-mocked rant by former House colleague Ondej Profant about flea farts.

I’m glad that Adla Pov sat for Pirty in Sent, because before anything else, Adla, you need another way of looking at the world. I just want there to be a place in Pirty for boys from the village who use football argon, like me. Do you see it the same? read on wrote the great pznivec prask Slavie.

It’s just that a lot of people don’t see it like Mikul Ferjenk. In the first row of you, Sentor Vclav Lska, who did not like the remark about farts at all.

This is a page of frajeina like a dog Twitter. And the minister for Pirty arrives in Sent and greets: Hello from the front, then I’ll be taken out in the same way. You can do that. Until then, this is such a coward. Sorry. I tell you this as a senator who likes Adly very much, wrote Lska oste.

To this, Ferjenk only confidently answered that he would be a minister, he said it calmly.

The worst part is that, if understood for a party colleague, even the senator herself did not have a background. In a very cold response on the Internet, she pulled him out again for making sexist remarks.

Thank you, I am glad that you are my Senta rd. I have never said a bad word about the sentors, just as I do not consider the remaining sexist piracy in sports. The circle is closed, let’s go to make people happy, closed the whole, if not the contract, case.


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