Felixovy nabit Vnoce: With children, sons-in-law and a Roma band! Grandma? No, maybe yes


Christmas as a holiday of peace? Nothing for Felix Slovok! The legendary saxophonist, just five years into his 80th birthday, has a packed calendar of events. It will understandably find space for the family, especially for the children Anika and Felix and the sons-in-law. And Dda? He might be drinking, but I don’t know, he waved his hand at the Express’ question.

In the last few days, things are back between Felix and Dda. And like the monster before Christmas, which for him in recent years was an analogy when, at least for a while, they lived as a separate family.

At first, their views escalated so much that Dda started waving divorce papers. In the end, she changed her mind about the drastic step, the pesto is logically stuffy between the famous couple.

How will it affect the holiday season? Tko hon. Felix revealed to ped ace Expres that he doesn’t care if he meets his lady near the tree. Children are important to him.

On a busy day in the afternoon, I would like to go to such a private party. Then tonight I’ll be with Anika, Felix and the sons-in-law. I don’t know if Dda drinks there. Maybe yes. I guess yes covered the shoulders of the legendary saxophonist.

On for

Otherwise, he has to load the program out of the ordinary. Don’t think about retirement and Christmas is no exception. It will be played not only on the holiday, but also on holidays and on New Year’s Eve!

estadvactho mm concert in Hradec Krlov with organ. On the 8th there will be a concert in a church in Pilsen with the group Black & White, that’s a well-known Romany group, there’s the singer Feri Barto, a great guy. On New Year’s Eve, I will move to Frantikovch Lzn, where I will play on New Year’s Eve in the theater, I will have two concerts, Felix described his new schedule.


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