“Dropped off the excess”: Alexander Morozov in the “Secret for a Million” will talk about the reasons for urgent weight loss :: News

Photo: NTV channel

This Saturday, comedian Alexander Morozov will be the guest of the new episode of the Secret for a Million show on NTV. The artist will frankly talk about what forced him to radically change his image, what plastic surgeries he did to look good, and why he still hasn’t had children at the age of 49.

The audience recognized and fell in love with Alexander Morozov in the form of a charming fat man. However, now that he has lost weight and has changed almost beyond recognition, his fans have not diminished: talent is judged not by appearance, but by completely different criteria.

The main thing is that health does not fail. After all, a few years ago, the artist was tormented by serious problems that, coupled with being overweight, prevented him from living. Morozov realized that it was time to change something, and took up himself. The artist dramatically lost weight, and then turned to plastic surgeons for help, and they returned the body to an attractive appearance.

Now Alexander Morozov looks and feels great. Losing weight benefited him: plastic surgery did not deprive the artist of a bright personality, but only helped him visually lose ten years. In the Secret for a Million studio, the artist will talk in detail about how he changed and what he sacrificed for the sake of health and beauty.

In addition, he will tell about his novels with colleagues in the creative workshop, remember what he had with his past and current wife Yevgeny Petrosyan, admit why he was disappointed in love, and also tell if he plans to become a father one day.

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