Don’t drink booze and drugs with sperm, they attacked the people of Koendová. She revealed the details of the baby’s death


As if it wasn’t enough that she went through a condition that is the death knell of all expectant mothers. Even after two years, when she was drinking about an unborn baby, people are not very picky and care about her. Pitom star of the reality show Natlie Koendov just wanted to warn women to be careful in pregnancy.

Perhaps nothing worse can happen to a woman than the fact that it is an unborn baby at a high stage of pregnancy and she has to give birth. This happened in the life of young miss Natlia Koendovwho miscarried in the eighth month and had to put the boy to death.

Even after two years, she has not completely come to terms with the tragedy, which she will not forget for the rest of her life, and she cannot understand why she had to be with a bval partner Lacquer Royale go through such a situation. She spoke about the tragedy for in order to provide support to those who, by God, will also experience it.

It was the hardest moment in my life. I’ll never forget it. I feel the pain as if it were a handcuff. Under that, only the family got married. The doctor told me in the sixth month that he saw something, but he didn’t know what it was. But what is the result, that the baby will suffer. I had it confirmed at the doctor’s office and at the hospital in Ostrava, and they told me the same thing. I didn’t know what to do, whether to keep it or not, she said in Superchat Natlie.

The baby hid in the bud.

Here it was to ride in a horseshoe.

She also received words of support and advice from mothers who had experienced the same thing, but unfortunately, there were also those who cared about the model and had to go to work for her.

Booze and drugs don’t sleep with sperm, Josef Vyskoil wrote in the discussion. He founded the team because of the barber Laky Royal, who comes from his childhood home and also had a drug-related past.

Natlie Koendov with her dog

Bval petel is really handsome, intelligent at first sight, written by Dittrich Gabriel.

Natst passed on the words of comfort and support, because no one will be able to go through such an experience.


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