Dissidents on the faith of General Pavel: Emma Smetanov’s mother and an activist imprisoned in Cuba


Petr Pavel, the presidential candidate, is being elected again by a very strong base in Madrid. One celebrity after another is asking for his support, several of them showed up at his performance on Monday at the Rock Cafe club in Prague. Actors and singers represented several activists who can help the general in the never-ending struggle for the truth of his past, which was stained by those years in the Communist Party. You Monika MacDonagh-Pajerov or Jan Bubenk.

The first-named, petite and inconspicuous blonde, is known to the public, among other things, as the mother of Emma Smetanov’s music and news.

She had a daughter at a very young age, yet she managed to make a great career. When Emm was one year old, she sent her to the center to support the revolution. At the statue of St. Vclava, you came out at the side of the icon Pnko, your friend.

After the fall of the regime, Monika Pajerov worked in diplomacy, you as a cultural agent in Pai. First, Emma Smetanov likes to talk about the French teenager.

Among the general’s guests was Jan Bubenk, ex-husband of CNN Prima News anchor Pavlna Wolfov. And then he gave an activist, a servant politician and an entrepreneur with a very wild career.

Together with a certain finance minister, Ivan Pilip, at the turn of the millennium, they went to Cuba, then confused by the communist regime, to help the dissidents there. The police there arrested them for that.

Both Bubenek and Pilip were threatened with twenty years in prison, their fall caught the attention of newspapers from all over the world. In the end, they had a father in netst and spent only twenty days behind me.


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