Director Jiří Strach filmed a new crime film: He admits that shooting a detective story or a fairy tale will come out at the same time


Director Jiří Strach (49) took a break from fairy tales to film the new miniseries Docent for Czech Television. Even if many people still imagine him as Lotrand, he has the flair for a good detective story. Are there any differences between directing Ivan Trojana (58) in Angel of the Lord or as a genius detective?

Nice director Jiří Strach presented a new criminal mini-series in the Prítomnost cinema. And he wasn’t alone, the main actress from the series sat next to him Teresa Ramba and screenwriter of the project Josef Mareš.

Many of the fans have him die-hard as the one who excellently spins fairy tales, or even acts in them. People are clamoring for him to make Angel of the Lord 3, but in the meantime he’s jumped back into a proper crime scene. Although the title role also stars “the archangel Uriel” Ivan Trojan.

“Filming a detective story or a fairy tale works out just as well, because every time it’s a story that has to have some emotions. The viewer who is used to watching my stuff expects there to be a little bit of fun.” Jirka spoke to Expres.

He collaborated with seasoned screenwriters of crime genres, Josef Mareš and Jan Malinda. Did they talk to him on set?

Press conference for the new miniseries Docent.

“No, they can write it so well already in the scripts that I can’t deviate much from the prescribed one. Since Mr. Mareš is the former head of the Prague crime scene, he knows his trade. I can’t even spoil it too much for him, because his colleagues would make fun of him,” he added with a laugh.

How was it working with actors like Mr. Trojan or Ondřej Vetchý? Check it out in our interview.


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