Commission T decided that Wollner did not sacrifice anyone. Novin wants to honor his colleagues


Journalist Marek Wollner, who was accused of workplace harassment and sexual harassment, is innocent according to the Czech Television Commission. The investigative reporter was accused by his colleague and former friend Nora Fridrichov.

Long-time reporter for television Marek Wollner he was soon removed from the embassy. The reason was that he was accused of hazing and sexual harassment. Commission T now took care of Nora Fridrichov and came to the conclusion that Wollner did not commit a crime.

Vt Kol, editor of corporate relations, communication and trade, informed about it at the meeting of the T Council, the server was the first to draw attention to it List First.

First, it does not contain information that would lead to the suspicion that any criminal act may have been committed, General editor Petr Dvok informed Radu T today, who apologized for the incident and only interpreted his words as Kol’s communication, according to him, the survey has ended.

Wollner, who is still suspended from the Reporti T program, has denied his guilt since his arrest. According to the server Hldac pes, however, a tinct person testified against him for the commission.

Marek Wollner

The commission will examine Fridrichová, Wollner in the plenary session and some people

A well-known newspaper person told the aforementioned portal that he intended to sue some people who had testified against him before the commission.

Among them could be his colleague Nora Fridrichov, Wollner calls her a former friend. Prv Fridrichov is the one who filed the complaint against Marko Wollner’s inappropriate behavior.

Wollner then filed a motion against Fridrichová to start bossing her. The dramaturgy of the 168-hour program will now be handled by the T eit commission.


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