Come to the reception! Hilšer wants to return the photo, Divišová amused. He doesn’t understand that he didn’t leave Prima


Divišová herself revealed it on social networks. Senator Hilšer is said to have contacted Nova after his surprising departure and demands the photo back.

“The funniest thing about Mark Hilšer leaving the studio is that he wants to return the photo he left on our table,” the moderator wrote.

The candidate himself then fueled the funny discussion.

“I would very much like to leave you my photo, but my wife has overtaken you, who wants it. So I can offer you my book, personally signed, instead of a photo,” wrote Hilšer.

Divišová first replied that the framed portrait had already been taken away by the props. But immediately she published a photo that she was waiting for Hilšer at the reception with attention in the form of a chocolate teddy bear.

According to him, the senator does not like the unequal conditions of the novice debate, where three candidates who, according to the polls, have a real chance of winning, and especially the rest, were given special space.

“Whether I look left, right, and search hard, I don’t see three candidates here. I am asking why it is not. I think that’s actually the intention. It is unfair above all to the voters, who have the right to have their candidates appear under equal and fair conditions,” said Hilšer, after which he left the debate.

Marek Hilšer enters the debate only to leave it after about ten minutes.

Some give him the truth, part of the public does not like the division of candidates, which is also indicated by Báře Divišová. She, for a change, does not understand why Hilšer made a mockery of Nova by leaving after ten minutes, when he completed the debate in the same line-up last Wednesday at the rival Prima.


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