Celebrities paired up with the general: Kuchařová, Polívka and Banga came. The biggest star is flannel Čvančarová


The general prepared a speech for his supporters at eight o’clock in the evening. It was followed by free entertainment, which everyone had their own way.

Pavel himself stayed with the beer, as did his wife Eva. After all, one of the favorites of the election did not get to the bar very much, his supporters were queuing up for him, everyone wanted to take a picture with him or at least wish him luck.

Jitka Čvančarová with the general’s wife Eva Pavlova

A whole range of celebrities who support the general in the presidential elections moved around the Prague club. One party was made up of Jitka Čvančarová, Martin Dejdar, Ondřej Pavelka, Milan Šteindler and Václav Marhoul.

Ondřej Pavelka, Milan Šteindler, Martin Dejdar, Jitka Cvančarová

Ondřej Pavelka, Milan Šteindler, Martin Dejdar, Jitka Cvančarová

It was really fun at their table. Actor bard Petr Štěpánek took the general’s party more calmly, and Dana Morávková and her husband Petr Malásk didn’t stay long.

Eva Pavlová with actor Petr Štěpánek

Petr Štěpánek, Jan Pirk

While the aforementioned party took a place in the lower part of the club and commuted between it and the street, where everyone went to have a light, the young actors steamed at the upper bar.

Vladimir Polivka

For example, Vladimír Polívka or Jan Komínek were not missing, although the children’s legend of the series Horák was left behind.

“I don’t drink, I wouldn’t like to start it here. I came to support Mr. General because I think we belong to the West. What has been happening at the Castle until now was enough,” he revealed.

Jan Kominek

A large singing community also came. For example, David Koller, who even sang for General Pavlov on stage, with his wife, as well as Janek Ledecky or Xindl X. Radek Banga also brought his significant other.

David Koller with his wife

Radek Banga with his wife

The modeling community was represented by Miss World 2006 Taťána Kuchařová. The military, on the other hand, former soldier and military historian Eduard Stehlík.

Several other celebrities who support Pavel could not come to the party. Missing, for example, was actress Eva Holubová, who prays for him a lot on Instagram, or Adam Mišík, with whom the general took a picture while walking his dog.

General Petr Pavel with model Taťána Kuchařová

Eduard Stehlík, Eva Pavlova

The Prague club Rock Café is a kind of base for Petr Pavel. He celebrated his sixtieth birthday there in 2021.

Who all came to the general’s party? Check out the big gallery of Expres!


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