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Photo: Russian Post

Today the whole world celebrates the birthday of the mailbox. The holiday originates on August 2, 1858, when letter collecting devices first appeared on the streets of London. In Russia, the first mailboxes appeared in St. Petersburg in 1848. Today there are 5514 mailboxes in the Krasnodar Territory, of which 380 are located on the streets of Krasnodar.

Back in the 16th century, sailors used a stone box at the Cape of Good Hope as a postal box. In the 17th century, Austrian postmen began to carry a bag on their shoulders, which was used for the same purpose as the box.

In Yekaterinodar, the first mailboxes appeared in the second half of the 19th century. In 1880 there were only four of them: three on the street. Red and one – on Dmitrievskaya Square (now Gorky Street). Initially, the boxes were of arbitrary shape and consisted of two compartments: one closed with a padlock so that letters were lowered there, the other open for storing letters to be returned to the sender if the addressee was not found. In 1910, special designs with a bottom door appeared in Russia, which are still used today.

Until 1926, an envelope was painted on mailboxes. When literacy became public domain, it was replaced by the inscription “Post Box”.

Modern mailboxes are not just reliable storage for letters, but also aesthetic and spacious designs, equipped with anti-tampering systems and electronic chips that allow you to accurately track the time of seizure of letters.

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