And what did he do there? Slavoman Salt Bae slept after the game, even the Argentinians, Messi beat him


He prepares steaks wrapped in gold, and his guests don’t mind paying millions of crowns. asto a rd join the celebrities and entertain them with your show in the form of iconic salted meat. And because of that, almost fifty million people follow him on Instagram. However, Turkish chef and businessman Nusret Gokce, known as Salt Bae, is the subject of criticism. I know that the Slavoman broke in on the hit after the final of the World Cup and attacked many Argentines, including Lionel Messi, who did not like his stubbornness at all. Besides, he was taking a game from my hand, which I’m not allowed to touch at all.

Salt Bae wallpapered his Instagram with photos and videos of Argentina soccer players right after the final. Hit pitom should only be reserved for the game and their families, team officials and FIFA delegates.

While the newly-minted members of the world wanted to celebrate, the average businessman introduced himself among them, jumped into their arms, took pictures with them, played games and hinted that he was dating.

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But he didn’t go to all of them. The fans were amused by how Gokce was seen off by the main star Lionel Messi. Although Kucha boasted of a selfie together, a video of the tournament’s best player ignoring him and telling him to leave him alone went viral.

Isn’t that all right, you attention seeker? (…) You forced that photo, Messi doesn’t even know it, people press him.

Salt Bae didn’t just disrupt the celebration of the champion with his voice, everyone is mainly focused on the fact that he was reaching around and stroking the championship trophy. The FIFA rules state that only the referees and representatives of the football association can participate in the game.

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Only the clique will be involved first, because the Turkish native, who is criticized for only setting the prices in his restaurants, has become a hit. Gokce is also an extraordinarily good friend of Gianni Infantino’s FIFA organization. And he probably gave him a functional card.


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