A change in the Sherlock musical: What is behind Vojta Dyk’s disagreement with Brzobohat?


Since 2018, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes has been played by Vojtch Dyk (37), who was a great lure for girls, as he does not perform in any other musical these days. Female fans could go crazy that they could go after their idol. It’s different now. The author of the project Ondej Brzobohat (39) got the main role in the musical Legend named Holmes. What happened behind the scenes of the Karln Musical Theater?

I know zpvk and actor Vojtch Dyk is always necessary for production. women love him, he doesn’t have a big scandal day behind him, he sings and plays handsomely, until he licks girls of all age categories. That is why he also got the role of Sherlock Holmes in the musical, which premiered in the fall of 2018.

Those inside the theater were amazed by his performance, his play with his voice, but also the jokes he told during the introductions. Thanks to me, the music game was a big hit and was sold out.

All those years later, she drank a big change. Dyk left the main role and was replaced by his friend Brzobohat over there, who wrote the entire musical. When introduced, he said that Vojta was the most suitable for that role, but in the end he replaced him. For?

There is nothing special behind it. Sherlock had to be tricked by Ondra, but he refused, saying that he didn’t have time for it. And you can’t do it again with Vojt because of his project, so Ondra hrt started him. I guess it will change for you again, ekl Expresu PR manager of the theater Tom Matjovsk.

Sherlock was played twice by Vojta Dyk.

The team caused disagreements behind the scenes so that Ondej would like to have a half and enjoy a moment of glory on the boards, which means the world.


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