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yuberjen martinez talked with The Snail Carousel after getting his first victory as a professional, in his debut this Friday against the Venezuelan Yeison Hernández. Martínez thanked the work of his trainer, revealed that he is preparing another fight and other details of what is coming for this new stage of his career.

about victory

“Very happy and very happy about that great victory we obtained over Yeison ‘El Chivo’ Hernándezthe truth that we are supremely happy for it”.

The importance of your coach

“I felt very good, I had already discussed this with my coach Pineda, to highlight the background that my coach has, in this case Orlando Pineda, he has already had several world champions. I received very good instructions from my corner, from my work team, I think that this greatly influences this professional field, It is a field in which I come as a new person, I think that things went extremely well for me thanks to my coach”.

“The instructions are always given to me by my coach, who has extensive experience and experience in professional boxing, that was one of the best decisions, to choose Professor Orlando Pineda, already seeing his journey and experience, that greatly influenced this victory, I already knew I had to pull up or down. That was the key to be able to emerge victorious with a knockout for this beginning of this new era of Tremendo Martínez”, he added.

the new yuberjen

“You can expect a more attentive fighter with a lot more fire and as always, a boxer who will always try to do what he is told in the corner to try to satisfy both the public and his trainers”.

The differences with amateur boxing

“I was extremely anxious, it was my first fight, I wanted to feel what it was like to fight like a professional. Professional boxing is another world compared to amateur boxing, In amateur boxing everything goes by in a flash, in professional boxing you can afford to lose the first round and then come back. Of course, depending on the strategy and what they tell you from the corner as well.”

What’s next for Yuberjen?

“We are thinking about a next fightLater I will be telling you with more details, there are rumors of a new fight, we are seeing if we do it here in Colombia or abroad. In any case, great things are coming, the Games South Americans, the National Championship And we’re looking at the possibilities of all those other competitions.”

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