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With more than 100 pieces of evidence, the Prosecutor’s Office will seek to convict John Leal for him murder of his mother, Marleny Hernández, and his brother the stylist mauritius leal. This was established in the indictment filed by the Prosecutor’s Office in the last few hours.

In this document, the Prosecutor concluded that the only one who could commit the murder was Jhonier Leal. “The only person who had access to the house and maintained contact with his mother and brother was Mr. John Lealwho caused their death and not satisfied with it, without any reason, placed the victims in a state of flagrant defenselessness within their comfort zone, ”says the indictment.

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Due to the foregoing, the accusing entity will request the maximum sentence.

How the events occurred

The events occurred between 11:45 p.m. on Sunday, November 21, and 11:15 a.m. the next day, that is, Monday the 22nd.

That night, according to the account of the Prosecutor’s Office, John Lealarrived at his brother’s house in La Calera, where they lived, at 11:37 at night, “it being clear that the last person who entered the house was him.”

This data is transcendental to understand what happened there, because according to the Prosecutor’s Office, this complex has extreme security, which prevents any other person from having been able to enter and pcommit the murder.

Now at home Jhonier Leal first attacked his mother in his bed, with a knife and then went to his brother’s room, “whom he attacks with the same knife with which assaulted the motherwith such bad luck that this one was embedded and you had to go to the kitchen to get another one, “said the representative of the accusing entity.

The prosecution further added that John Leal forced his brother to eat more than nine tablets of Zopicloneto make it appear that he wanted to commit suicide.

Along these same lines and in relation to the letter that was found at the crime scene where Mauricio apologized and left his property to johnier and his nephews, the Prosecutor’s Office said that it is Mauricio’s handwriting but that he wrote this letter forced by his brother’s aggressions.

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