World Day of Joy when is it celebrated why: Day of Joy: Why is it celebrated on August 1? | Trends

The World Day of Joy It may sound like an unknown date to many, however, it has been celebrated for more than 10 years in different countries.

This day seeks to highlight the value of this feeling of gratitude and well-being, in addition to generating reflection among people.

It was at a congress on cultural management in Chile, in which the Colombian Alfonso Becerra spoke about this initiative and got it to be welcomed by different organizations globally.

Thus was born the World Day of Joy.

In the program ‘The Flavor of Colombia’ by Caracol RadioBecerra talked about how this idea was born and said that at some point he started a conversation with someone through messenger who was sad, the man put on a clown nose and the other person went from sadness to happiness in seconds, like this began to develop this idea.

The World Day of Joy is celebrated in: AArgentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Honduras, Mexico and Venezuela.

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