Workers: Independents will continue contributing to social security above 40% | Economy

The Ministry of Labor will issue an Administrative Act in the next few hours, given the vacuum left by the Constitutional Court regarding the percentage of the contribution base of contractors and independent workers to Social Security, which will continue to be 40% of their salary.

The Constitutional Court in 2019 declared unenforceable, a rule through which allowed, until that same year, all independent workers to contribute over 40% of incomehowever, that date was fulfilled and it lost its validity, leaving a void compared to the contribution percentage of the independents.

“We are going with this administrative act correcting the ruling of the Constitutional Court in the sense of the tax base for contributions. We intend send a message of calm and guidance so that the employers do it well, and not on the totality of the income, but on the basis of 40% of said income so that the independent workers are clear about how they are going to do deduct for your social security“, affirmed the Minister of Labor Ángel Custodio Cabrera.

Also, Cabrera sent a reassurance message for employers and public entities, which have contractors on their payrolls.

He pointed out, “we are telling them to do what they have been doing and we are correcting the sentence in some way. On the other hand, seriously clarifying the contribution basis, because it is not the same to do it on the basis of 100% but 40%”.

In this way, it is clear that contractors and independent workers will continue to contribute to social security based on their income of 40 percent and not 100 percent.

On the other hand, the Ministries of Labor, Finance and Health, issued this Tuesday a concept to give peace of mind to the more than 1.5 million workers who contribute in Integrated Contribution Settlement Form, PILA. They confirm that the quote base will be on 40% of salary.

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