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Former President Andres Pastrana declined the invitation made by the president-elect Gustavo Petro to his possession on August 7. Pastrana assured that he could not attend due to the insurmountable differences he has with the new government. This is not the first time that Pastrana has been absent from a presidential transmission, the last time he did so was between 1998 and 2002.

the senator Maria Fernanda Cabal se was upset by the approval of the Escazú agreement and confronted environmental activists. In this regard, he said that this treaty was part of a globalist agenda. While she was questioned about her constant appearances with the new congressman and influencer miguel polo polo he said that was a globalistagramer agenda.

Several tweeters who supported the campaign of the Historical Pact They declared themselves disappointed when they learned that the reform that seeks to lower the salary of Congressmen would not apply now but from 2026. Since the complaint coincided with the death of Dario Gómez, the president of the Senate Roy Barreras contacted the group of tweeters to designate them, starting next August 7, as the new kings of spite.

Regarding the controversy of lowering salaries or not in this legislative period, we consulted with several parliamentarians who come from traditional clans. They responded that for them what is being discussed is indeed a change because they were taught in the family that when one becomes a congressman one should not learn to negotiate salary reductions but penalties.

The director of DANE confirmed that he will definitely not continue in office during the new government. Petro’s economic advisers liked the idea that Oviedo would stay because in the new tax reform it would have been possible to tax the potato with VAT because it would no longer have been in the family basket but in the mouth of the director of DANE.

This was whatsapp report, all about the chains your uncles sent you this week and you haven’t had time to read.

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