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Professor and analyst of international politics Carlos Alberto Patino explains in detail the circumstances in which, from February 23, 2022, Russia was inclined to war to seize regions that were part of the Ukrainian geography.

in his book “War in Ukraine”of 244 pages and published by the Penguin Random House Debate stamp, explains from his experience and studies the reasons that led Russia to choose to invade Ukraine with blood and fire.

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In dialogue with RADIO SNAILCarlos Patiño says that he considered it necessary to contextualize the reasons for a war between countries that share history, culture and ethnic traits.

He explains that in his book he recounts how this war has religious overtones if one contemplates that the russian orthodox church he sees the conflict as the reunification of the churches with the Ukrainian one, while the Ukrainian Orthodox Church wants to preserve its independence.

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The second volume of the book was presented, ‘The voice of power’

“War in Ukraine” by Carlos Alberto Patiño contains the chapters: Why the invasion of Ukraine?; Russia, successful military power, until now; The Ukrainian War of Independence; The international context while the fifth chapter is Uncertainties and impossibilities for the end of the war.

official synopsis

At the beginning of the year 2022, the war against Ukraine took the world by surprise. However, more than an isolated event, it is part of a strategy by Russia that goes back a long time, in an attempt to recover the geopolitical position that it held until a few decades ago.

War in Ukraine is a book that will allow us to understand the reasons why a war and an invasion were unleashed against the Eastern European country. Readers will have the necessary information to know the historical context of these events, supported by maps and graphics. The Russian wars and military actions that have been carried out since 1992, the situation in Ukraine, Crimea and Donbas in 2014, as well as the positions of the United States, NATO and the European Union, and the possible international consequences will be presented. of this war in the world order

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