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As of this May 9, summonses began to arrive to certain people designated as voting jurors by the Registry for the 2022 Presidential Electionswhich will be this May 29.

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Now, from May 12, you will be able to consult from your cell phone on the page of the Registry whether or not he was chosen to carry out this work in the country’s elections, which according to the polls is between Gustavo PetroFederico Gutierrez, Rodolfo Hernandez and Sergio Fajardoamong the most sought after.

Thus, we do a step by step from the cell phone to see if he was chosen or not.

Voting jury consultations from the cell phone

There are several options. One of them is to enter the page of the Registry ( On the left side you can find the section that says ‘Check here if you are a voting jury’. There you must enter the requested data and the page will show you the information.

Another option is from the InfoVotantes app that the Registrar’s Office enabled. In this mobile application, the option to ‘Check if it is a voting jury’. There, you must enter your data and the system will give you the information.

Likewise, you must be aware of your mail and cell phone because the Registry also send by this means some citations.

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