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On the night of Sunday, July 31, Isidro Cano Luna, a local meteorologist from Veracruzreported on a “unknown” metal object“in the form of a sphere that had fallen at approximately 10 o’clock at night, local time, and that remained on the top of a tree in the Lomas del Río Medio colonyIn his publications he detailed the characteristics of the object that “appeared to be made of hard plastic or metal alloyin addition to even including an antenna”.

In his other post, Cano Luna specified that in the early hours of Monday, August 1, the sphere had been collected by personnel with specialized equipment. At the moment no official source has confirmed the fact. For his part, the meteorologist assumed that could be part of the Chinese rocket that ended up crashing into the Indian Ocean over the weekend and was caught on several videos.

It could be the remains of a huge Chinese booster rocket that crashed into the earth this August 30 on the Indian Ocean because, according to one of the officials of the US Space Commandit is unclear where the debris from the booster may have ended up. According to China’s space flight agency, the remains of the Long March 5B 25.4 tons fell into the sea in the southwestern Philippines and the “vast majority” reportedly burned up upon entering the atmosphere. A US official criticized the Chinese statement, saying the Asian republic did not share specific information about the trajectory when its rocket fell to Earth.

According to Aerospace, a corporation that analyzes such trajectories, the rocket body had been in an elliptical orbit around the Earth and was “dragged into an uncontrolled re-entry” to the earth’s atmosphere.

Before re-entry, experts predicted that much of the propellant would burn up upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. However, large chunks, up to 40%, would survive and fall into the oceans or land. Some projections had shown an Earth path that crossed parts of Mexico and Brazil, bordering the horn of africa before passing through Southeast Asia. However, no entity confirmed what happened in Veracruz.

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