Victim seats: Duke approves law that regulates the operation of peace seats | Politics

President Iván Duque sanctioned the law that regulates the distribution of the 16 peace seats in the seven Constitutional Commissions of the House of Representatives, so that the victims can participate in the Congress of the Republic.

The president shared the image on social networks expressing an “unwavering commitment to the victims.”

“In our unwavering commitment to the victims, we sanctioned, once conciliated by Congress, the CITREP Law, which regulates the formation of congressional commissions, including the 16 seats of the District of Peace, created by legislative act 02 of 2021”, he assured through Twitter.

After this signature, the distribution of the 16 seats will be as follows: three seats in the First and Fifth Commission and two in the second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh

With this sanction, the 16 seats will have voice and vote in the different commissions and will be able to start their legislative work.

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