Vía La Línea: Vía La Línea would be enabled on Thursday, May 12 depending on the weather | 6AM Today by Today

At kilometer 63 of the road that connects Cajamarca with Ibaguewhich leads to The linethere was a subsidence of the pavement surface, on Sunday, May 8, at night, the machinery and personnel moved to start the work.

The engineer Mauricio RiveraDirector of Operations of the Concessionaire GICA APPin charge of the second Ibagué-Cajamarca road, spoke in 6 AM from Caracol Radio on the recovery work on the affected road.

“At this time we have advanced excavation workwhat we intend from the concessionaire is to recover the flow lines, install a drainage material and recover the structure of the road, to enable traffic on Thursday May 12 in the morning,” said the engineer.

The fault was caused by the weather conditions that were experienced, Rivera assured that “the situation hydraulics of the sector is complex, and there is possibly a geologic fault What is causing the displacement of the viawe are trying to recover the hours of drainage to give proper management to the waters”.

Rivera also announced that “the vehicle flow that will be enabled will be partialalternated by a lane in both directions of the traffic and with this we can continue advancing work to recover the works”.

“For normality, we estimate to carry out this work in the next 15 daysHowever, if the climatic conditions of the sector are favorable, we estimate to enable the two lanes in it shortest possible timeThe engineer concluded.

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